Odyssey and Friends

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My favorite project is “Odyssey and Friends!”

This project is the formation of live musical performances by talented souls of my friends. For all lovers of live music. 

!! on Fridays, at the Delicatessen bar 21-23 Moscow time, free entry, Sadovaya-Karetnaya 20, building 2

! ANONS >> FB page

Pavel Lukoyanov - the harp

Anna Gelyuk - percussion instruments

Mikhail Volokh - trumpet, vane, flute, duduk

David Grout - percussion instruments

Anton Kotikov - saxophone, flute, duduk, harmonica, beat-box, didgeridoo

Alexey Epifanov - the best alt-saxophonist in the capital (my opinion)

Alexander Sokolov - the man-guitar

Gregory Malian - electric double bass (unique)

Dmitry Taranov, Fedor Faber, Ksenia Savchenko - Double Bass

Aidar Salakhov - bayan

Ksenia Nazarova - the voice, the keeper of the music of the world, sings in the languages ​​of the planet

artistic director, Odyssey Bogussevich

mob tel number: +7-916-5347381


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