Ethno-Jazz Project «Winter Sun»

Odyssey BOGUSSEVICH (piano, electric organ, computer) 

Pavel LUKOYANOV (gusli - russian multistring instrument) 

Anna GELUK (percussion)

Music of this band is a fantastic mix of folk tones, elements of jazz, minimalism and contemporary classical music. Gusli zvonchaty - an ancient unique Russian multistring folk instrument -- can be heard in band performances. The Band "Winter Sun" successfully played at various folk festivals, performed in television and radio programs, participated in theme nights of the Musical Culture State Museum named after M. I. Glinka, participated in the X international festival "Koktebel Jazz Festival 2012". In August 2012 the band "Winter Sun" released its debut CD, "The Reminiscences", in the music publishing house "Artservis". Musicians of the band proved to be creative in various collaborations in junction of genres, styles and directions of contemporary classical and jazz music. Odyssey BOGUSSEVICH – a jazz festival in Montreux awardee (solo piano), a composer, is always interesting for his findings and discoveries in the field of original music, with unusual combinations of instruments and introduction of electronics into his art, remaining at the same time an outstanding jazz pianist able to manage any style of mainstream jazz. Anna GELUK and Pavel LUKOYANOV – young but experienced enough musicians, who managed to prove themselves as the best ones in their own realm of music. In different years they became participants of the international cooperation of musicians program One BEAT (USA), in the course of which they became grant holders on tour to America together with an international team of musicians from 17 countries. Anna GELUK – a professional drummer, playing a various range of percussion instruments, an improvised music groups participant . Pavel LUKOYANOV – an international competitions awardee, a professional performer on an ancient Russian folk instrument – GUSLI ZVONCHATY, he experiments in implementing the ancient instrument into various areas of music - from ethno-jazzy "Winter Sun" to playing music with a Symphony orchestra.

© Odyssey Bogusevich 2017