a Psaltery. Concert project.

The fascinating sounds of the ancient Russian instrument gusli in the hands of the brilliant musician Pavel Lukoyanov, who travelled around the whole Europe with concerts.


Ancient Russian musical instrument in the "Winter Sun" project.

“Winter Sun” is an unusual soundtrack to our modern lifestyle, it is the “ray of light in the realm of darkness”, which, making its way through the masses of habitual smog (in the literal and figurative sense of the word), reminds us of the existence of Heaven in its eternity. Authors in an unobtrusive way clearly show us an alternative way of spending our spare time, and give food for our spirit and mind without the multi- channel TV and social networking, which are the only way to relax between earning money for very many people nowadays.

What an incomparable feeling of harmony and pleasure you get while enjoying this creation of mu- sical art as presented by such a remarkable and unusual trio (piano, drums and gusli). Let this album come out under a famous label (such as ECM, for example, or TELARC), which would be just the thing it really deserves, and it will “warm up” hundreds of people all over the world, who are in need of this Russian win- ter warmth. But it happened to be so that today this wonderful album, just as it comes from its epilogue, is “hitchhiking” winding ways from one heart to another, touching us by beams of sun, sincerely hoping to win our love.

Nikolay Bogaychuk the «Jazz.ru» magazine

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