"Given that jazz has been such a great American gift to the world , it is only fitting that the rest of the world should reciprocate by offering back jazz molded and shaded with the experience of musicians in, for example, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and London; Ankara, Tokyo and Moscow .

Moscow-based, German-born pianist Odyssey Bogussevich may be virtually unknown in this country , but on the basis of his eponymous CDs release, he is an artist who will be embraced warmly when audiences get a chance to encounter him firsthand. He moves seamlessly between funk fusion and swing, folkloric escapades and bop, Tin Pan Alley and the avant garde; he melds conservatory training with insights that can only be glimpsed in pressure-cooker jam sessions. Which is to say, he comes off as an artist projecting a singular sensibility rather than technician of disparate skills ."      W.Kim Heron, managing Editor, Metro Times, Radio host, TV co-host, Detroit Sunday Journal. USA

      “On his CDs Odyssey Bogussevich presents an interesting insight into his talent. Technical brilliant, he has no problems with breaknecking speed. His improvisations are precise and colorful. The variety of music reachs from standards like Some Day My Prince Will Comme to "modern jazz" and "funk orientated pieces". His own compositions are often influenced by folkloristic and blues elements and he interprets them in an lively percussive style .”                 *TheJazzPages* Germany

  "We are inviting you to perform at our festival because the style of music you play is so unusual, even unique, in its blending of jazz, classical and more experimental forms.

I am not really aware of a pianist in the United States with similar stylistic hallmarks.

In this way, then, your presence at our festival will be a moment of genuine cultural interchange between our two countries in the modern jazz arena.

We at the Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival fell this is a very important thing for us to include in our programming, both in the spirit of internationalism that`s so important to jazz , as well as in the general spirit of music, which is truly the universal language." Jim Dulzo Festival Director. USA  


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